Choosing A New DSLR | The Director's Logbook

I haved used the same camera since 2010, the Canon EOS 5D MK II, and it has served me very well. I was dubious when we first got it. I thought it was gimmicky and not a 'real' video camera. Once I started playing with it I realised just how wrong I was. The 5D Mk II has been my friend for 6 years now. I am aware that one day a terrible tragedy may occur and my little friend may go to sleep forever. I'm not expecting an imminent disaster but anything could happen - a little trip down the stairs, a careless shove from a passer-by...

In the event of such tragedy, I would be forced to get myself  a new camera. So occasionally, I have a google around to see what is available and what would be a suitable upgrade to my wonderful tool. I try not to do this too often, my reason unfolding as you read the following.

I open Google and type in "Upgrade for Canon 5D MK II." I start to scroll down the links and click through them. After just a few minutes I realise I have a headache, my heart is racing a little faster and I feel confused and frustrated. All I want is a simple upgrade to my camera. I don't want the same, I want the current equivalent.

So I ask a few contacts for advice. Bad idea. "Get an EOS C300!" Ok, that's nearly £9000. That is a lot more than I am willing to pay for a new camera and it is much more expensive than my camera was when it came out. That's a big upgrade.

I ask someone else. "Definitely go for the Sony AS7 II." The AS7 II is probably more in my price range but wait a second? You want me to change brand? My lenses are as important to me as my camera. I have a favourite lens. Will it work on the Sony AS7? I google it. It says I'll need an adapter. Hmmm. So I'll have to buy new lenses too? Not sure about that. 

I head despondently back to the Canon website.

My 5D MK II was the first full frame DSLR camera. I am used to full frame and I would like my next camera to be full frame too. I have a look at the obvious upgrade the Canon EOS 5D MK III. Just under £2000. More like it. It's full frame. Seems like the best option There was the 7D MK II which was cheaper but doesn't do full frame. I could get two of those for the price of this one. I could do a lot with two cameras...No, no. Full frame is the way forward.

As I slowly retreat from this confusing world of CMOS, sensors and HDR modes, feeling beaten down yet happy in my decision, I spot something which makes me stop in my tracks.

The Canon EOS 6D. It's full frame but it's nearly £800 cheaper than the 5D MK III. Why? Why is it cheaper? Is that bad? It seems perfect? But the cost is making me nervous? Something must be lacking for it to be more affordable and yet it seems to have all the qualities my current camera has. The pixels seems different. How important is that? The shutter speed numbers are noticeably different, the 5D MK III is faster. Is that something to worry about?

I leave the internet, bleeding, tired and defeated. I have left behind me, a mess of tabs and windows, lying amidst the wreckage of a hopeless battle. 

If it ain't broke don't fix it?