The Location Sound Bible published by Michael Wiese Productions


Michael Wiese Productions reached out to me and sent me some filmmaking books to review. Go and check out their website, they are a filmmaker's book heaven and have some amazing titles to choose from! 

Are you needing to gain a deeper understanding of sound recording for film, well The Location Sound Bible is the book for you. It covers every aspect of sound recording you can imagine from equipment to technique to mixing. You can dip in and out of it and it has some brilliant examples to help you understand the various concepts. 


Sound is such an IMPORTANT aspect of filmmaking that many new (and old!) filmmakers forget about. There is nothing more sweet than getting your footage home and hearing the dialogue is completely clean and crisp and perfect. The alternative can ruin a good film. 

I prefer to hire a sound recordist these days but there are quite a few occasions where I have to do my own sound and so I need to have a pretty good knowledge of how to record good sound. 

I did a video review of the book in which I also take one of the pieces of equipment it mentions and show you how a Blimp can completely eliminate wind noise on outside locations. 

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