Jenny Jennings is a web series centred around the life of a university photography student, Jenny, who is using YouTube to document her university course and at the same time, share her findings of her search for her biological parents. Jenny loves her adoptive family but even though she pretends to constantly be upbeat, she often wonders why her parents gave her up for adoption. While the YouTube videos seem to be the normal followings of a vlogger, each webisode alludes to a Doctor Who TV series episodes, with coinciding events in the Doctor’s life subtly touching Jenny’s life without her realising. 

All episodes of the first series of Jenny Jennings are in the playlist below, so grab a cup of tea and get started! 

Director Jay Moussa-Mann says:

“Jenny Jennings is a light-hearted yet tender glimpse into the life of any young woman with dreams and hopes and insecurities, seeking her own path whilst trying to find her place in the world. The catch is, in this story, which world does she belong to - earth or the skies?

I wanted to write and direct a series that used emotion and dialogue, where characters evolve, set in the ever growing and changing world of social media.” 

Jenny Jennings is played by Zoë Birkbeck is a North East based actor and singer who has trained with the National Youth Theatre and Project A at Newcastle Theatre Royal. Zoe played Riley in EDEN, a short Post-Apocalyptic film set far in the future which won student 'Best Drama' award at the Royal Television Society Awards in Sheffield.