Watercolour Teesside Winter Series - Illustrations

For a while now I have been meaning to try creating the little illustrations I do now and again in watercolour. Today was my day off and I find illustrating very relaxing so I decided to spend the morning working on something new.

Winter In Teesside Series

I wanted to create the first piece around the place my husband Kevin and I had our first real conversation - Captain Cook’s Monument.

I thought it might be fun to sit Kevin and I on top of Captain Cook’s Monument (which isn’t legal, safe or possible in real life) and have us in the middle of a wintery, snowy Teesside, chatting away as we do.


The challenge for me was making it look and feel like winter. I forgot to plan for snow at the beginning of painting, but thanks to a few helpful blogs, I discovered that some people use acrylic paint, splattered over watercolour to create that snowy, sleet effect. I am really happy with the result and it created the look and feel I was going for.


In my second illustration, I decided to use the Transporter Bridge this time as my landmark and imagined a frozen river we could skate on.


I used the same technique for the snow, mixing in a bit of acrylic white paint to create some of the ice and snow.


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