Capturing The Essence Of Place

I created these illustrations as Christmas presents a few years ago for my sisters. One lives in the Isle of Man, the other in Sweden. I really enjoyed making these, not just because they were capturing part of my family, but because I was able to practise capturing a sense of place.

The Josefssons

Josefsson Family.jpg

Part of my family live in Sweden. So I looked at a lot of art depicting Sweden, mostly by Swedish artists and one of the things that struck me the most and that I wanted to emulate were the Swedish trees. Those long, pale trunks rising up into the skies. I chose to make the print portrait so I didn’t have to find an end to those trees, as if they just continue to grow into a never ending sky.

Jo and To

Joanne and Toto.jpg

For this one, an image of my sister and her trusty dog, I looked at a lot of photographs of where my sister lived and all the places she had described to me. Because it was a Christmas gift, I wanted it to feel Christmassy and I did many versions until I was happy with the icy cold water, the snow and the mist in the distance.

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