Best App For Editing On Your iPhone

If you’re looking to film and edit on your phone, you’ve probably been looking for a great app to edit with.

I’ve tried a lot of video editing apps.

iMovie, Splice, Adobe Premiere Clip…but none of these apps worked for me. They were clunky, difficult to use and did not have enough control over various elements.

Then along came Adobe Rush CC . It’s a spunky little app that delivers everything I was looking for in a video editing app. Apart from the ability to edit keyframes, it has everything you need (and I believe the keyframe option will come with time)

Full disclosure, we subscribe to the Creative Cloud Adobe Package, which meant I could sign into the app on our account.

Here are the things I love about the Adobe Rush App:

  • You can make the timeline bigger or smaller and cut almost down to the second.

  • It syncs your projects everywhere

  • You can open Rush projects in Premiere Pro CC and edit them there if you want to fine fine tune.

  • There is a handy little tool bar along the bottom which is really easy to access

  • The effects tools and transform tool are pretty deep and you can adjust a lot of things

  • It looks really nice, it has a great interface, reminiscent of Premiere Pro enough to be familiar to a Pro user

  • You can export to your phone or directly to platforms like YouTube and Instagram and it WORKS.

  • Much like Premiere Pro it has layers on the timeline, which you can lock

  • You can record a voice over on the timeline by hitting the little microphone next to the layer - just like Premiere Pro

  • You can turn off video layers if you want to see the layer underneath

  • It has color presets that you can adjust

  • You can easily copy clips on the timeline with one tap of an icon


Adobe Rush is great start for someone who has never editing before and wants to edit on their phone.

Mini Doc Shot and Edited on the iPhone 6s +


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