Christmas Gift Guide For Filmmakers 2018


If you have a friend or family member who is into filmmaking, here are some gifts they will love this Christmas.


If you have a friend or family member who is a budding filmmaker and has been using a cheaper range DSLR, this is a great camera to upgrade to. It is a full frame camera that takes movies in 4K (good for cropping into images when necessary) It has a great auto focus and built in stabilization as well as allowing you to shoot at 120fps which will give you beautiful slow motion video.


This is one of the most affordable gimbals around for smaller cameras. It will make camera movement super smooth and add an extra level of professionalism to your videos.


I own an older version of this bag and it is one of my favourite tools. It has lots of compartments for lenses, memory cards, chargers and batteries as well as your camera and a 17” laptop. Way better for your back too!

writing short film.jpg

Anyone wanting to make narrative short films should read this book. One of the best books written about writing short films, it explains what you should be trying to attain with a short film as opposed to a TV drama or a feature. It has great exercises to follow and practical techniques to try.

in the blink of an eye.jpg

An amazing book by an Walter Murch, renowned editor that anyone interested in film should read. Not only will it teach you about editing, it gives you an insight into filmmaking in general from the years of experience through the eyes of a skilled editor who has gathered much wisdom through watching and editing countless films. Murch shares some real treasures in this book and I have read it several times.


This is a real step up from recent Go Pros. Waterproof without the waterproof housing making it so much easier to handle than earlier versions. It shoots in 4k and 240fps slow mo. It also has touch display and voice control (why don’t all cameras have this?!) Lots of goodies in this one, go check it out…


A handy little microphone you can just plug into your DSLR and record audio for your on the go filming. Great for documentary filming or vlogging.


Hi, my names is Jay I’m a writer and a filmmaker living in the North East of England. I recently directed my first feature film (a musical!) and I run The Director’s Logbook on YouTube a channel for beginner filmmakers.