3 Books About Feature Filmmaking

Shoot From The Heart

Diane Bell is a screenwriter and director who made her her first feature film OBSELIDIA for less than $150k. This beautiful book is a comprehensive explanation of what making a feature film on this kind of budget entails and what to expect at every corner. As I am currently in the post-production of my first feature, I found her chapters on the editing process extremely helpful, giving her reader a clear understanding of what to expect and what not to expect.

Rebel Without A Crew

I will never stop pushing this book on people because I think it is one of the best books on filmmaking ever written. Specifically for any filmmaker wanting to making their first feature, whether you want to do it low budget or wait for all the funds you can get, it is WELL worth reading this book.

It is effectively a diary of Robert Rodriguez, who at that time made the decision to make his feature without a crew in order to save money. His logic makes perfect sense and is the inciting incident which spins him into the whirlwind adventure that is his first feature but it teaches you some important life lessons about filmmaking, including the business side and the criticism that comes before you start out on your journey.

Producer to Producer

A slightly heftier tome but equally as important, this book guided my husband and I through producing our first feature. It has everything you will need, including detailed example breakdowns of schedules and budgets.

One of the most valuable sections for me, was the detailed timeline breakdown over the course of several months leading up to production and what you should have completed by each week.

A brilliant book for the reluctant director who has no choice but to produce his/her own feature!


Feature Film Books | Shoot From The Heart


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