6 YouTube Channels For Filmmakers

Anna Arlen

I came across Anna through The Film Prompt Society, a channel that releases a film prompt once a month that anyone can take part in. Anna made this gorgeous little animation for the prompt “They Came At Lunchtime” and I loved it. She describes herself as a video editor from Australia. She spends most of her time creating things through writing, painting, and of course editing. She has made a great behind the scenes of this short too, which is very enlightening to watch. I think we can expect great things from her channel.


Film Courage

Film Courage are the go to channel on YouTube for anyone interested in writing or directing films. Their channel is a treasure trove of interviews with many, many directors, screenwriters and producers, recounting from their own experience on making a film what they have learned. There is so much to choose from and every video is rich with information and real-life experience.


Story Greenlight

I discovered Jeff Bartsch when he first started his channel and immediately love his style and the knowledge he brings to his videos from his years working as an editor for ABC, NBC and the like. What I love about his videos is that he isn’t turning up his nose at YouTube or YouTubers, instead he is appealing to that generation who are making content for YouTube but imparting his wisdom on the knowledge of telling a good story. Obviously, his videos are beautiful edited and a joy to watch.

He also seems like just a really nice guy too, which is always a bonus!



I love Andyax. I would like to make a film with Andyax. Their channel is quite unique in that it not only teaches filmmakers how to make films on a technical level but they always qualify their gear reviews with real, behind-the-scenes filmmaking. So they make a film and THEN show you how it was done. When I watch reviews of gear, I know I can trust them because they show footage of them using the gear in question. The team are fun and to top it all they are Norwegian, which means they are absolutely genuine and lovely.


Lessons From The Screenplay

Lessons from the Screenplay feel like they have been around for donkey’s years and are a staple of filmmaking channels on YouTube. If you are interested in writing screenplays and more importantly writing GOOD screenplays, do check this channel out. Michael Tucker creates well put together, in-depth video essays on various film screenplays, choosing different element of screenplay writing to focus on in each one. They are highly educational and very much like attending a prestigious lecture on the topic of screenwriting.


Parker Walbeck

Parker Walbeck runs an online film school called Full Time Filmmaker but he also releases videos on his Youtube channel teaching filmmakers how to make corporate videos. He covers everything from music videos to weddings to estate videos and his teaching is clear, practical and beautifully produced. It feels like you are shadowing him for the day. Definitely a channel to watch if you’re thinking of becoming a freelance filmmaker or moving into corporate and even if you’re not his advice will help you become a better filmmaker.

Just watching the energy he has for the craft will inspire you to be better.


What are some of your favourite filmmakers on YouTube? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for more!

My name is Jay, I’m a writer and film director based in the North East UK and I run a YouTube channel called The Director’s Logbook for beginner filmmakers.