25 Film Ideas


  1. A loved one becomes trapped in your bedroom mirror

  2. Tell a story using just your hands

  3. A little bird brings an important message to your window - what is it and what do you?

  4. Tell a dramatic story just through Tweets.

  5. You discover you have a super power. Create a 2-3 minute film about the time you first discovered it and what you did with it. What went wrong?

  6. You fall off a tall building and in the moments before you hit the ground you have a few thoughts. How would you turn these moments into visual images and turn it into a film? What are those thoughts? Why are you falling to your death? Or are you…?

  7. You take a photo and when you get home you notice something in the photo that wasn’t there when you took it. What is it? What do you do about it? 

  8. Someone walks off into the countryside with the intention of ending their life. As they are about to, they notice someone else trying to take theirs. What happens next? What do they do?

  9. Tell a story using just the pages of a book

  10. A special item (jewellery, camera, notebook) belonging to someone falls into the sea. Make a film about the item’s journey from it’s point of view. 

  11. A charity telephone fundraiser accidentally stumbles upon a criminal web while making her routine phone calls. What does she do? How does she get involved and what is the outcome?

  12. You are about to drink a cup of coffee when you notice a tiny person swimming and waving at you. Who is it? Why are they there? What do you do?

  13. Try making a stop motion film using plasticine or something you have created. Who is the character? What are they trying to accomplish?

  14. A woman meets a friend for lunch both think the other has a problem with her. How does the conversation and interaction play out? 

  15. You happen to witness your arch enemy being fatally hurt. What emotions does it bring up? What do you do? How does the moment end? How does it change you?

  16. You find a letter addressed to someone else. You know you shouldn’t read it but you do anyway. What does the letter reveal? What actions do you take after reading it?

  17. During a game a 15 year old boy accidentally kills the girl he fancies. He then tries to hide the fact she’s dead. What happens? Does he get away with it? What does he have to do to hide the fact she’s dead?

  18. An athlete training for an important race is injured and pressured into helping a young women with depression learn to run. How does their friendship develop? How does the athlete overcome her disappointment of not running the race? 

  19. You accidentally format your friend’s mind. What happens next? 

  20. A jealous wife realises who her husband’s lover is. What does she do? How does that moment unfold visually?

  21. A 70 year old woman discovers she is in fact…superwoman! How does she use her new powers? What weakness does she have to overcome in spite of being super strong?

  22. A mother will do anything to promote her child’s prospects. How far will she go?

  23. In a new future world, people are punished for spending too much time on social media, by being trapped inside their phones. 

  24. A woman who is scared of swimming, finds herself alone in a body of water and meets a water nymph. How does the experience change her? Is the nymph good or bad? How does the woman overcome it? 

  25. Where is home to you? Is it a place or a feeling? What memories do you have of your ‘home.’ Make a short film with the theme ‘Memories of home.’

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