25 More Film Ideas

  1. A YouTuber gets trapped in their own YouTube channel and must stay over a certain amount of likes and follows or else they disappear forever. 

  2. Someone suffering from emetophobia and someone suffering from bulimia end up trapped together for a week.

  3. A young woman is enjoying the outdoor hot tub at night at a spa, when she witnesses someone being murdered. She then realises the killers are coming towards her…

  4. A man coping with severe depression comes across an abandoned cello on the street. He takes it home and discovers he is a natural…until the owner of the cello comes to his door. 

  5. A woman starts her period with no access to tampons or pads and must navigate her day without them. 

  6. A woman is really looking forward to her swim at the pool, until she puts on her swimming costume and discovers she forgot to shave (you can decide where!) What does she do? Whatever you decide she does, she has to end up in the pool…

  7. Two old ladies meet up for a drink after many years of not speaking. One of them thought the other was having an affair with her late husband, the other backed off their friendship because she mistook the late husband’s sister for an affair and didn’t know how to tell her friend. How do they act with each other? Where does the conversation go? 

  8. Find a topic that gets you upset - the current government? Healthcare? Sexism? Attitudes to women in the workplace? Global warming? Make a 5-6 minute documentary about that issue, laying out the problem, the pros and cons and your conclusion. You could also include a few interviews with ‘experts’ here and there if you like. 

  9. Do you have an obsession? Comic books? Indiana Jones? Make a 10 minute documentary about your obsession, but try and use opposing visuals together with the spoken information.  

  10. Two men who hate each other get locked in the same prison cell. Why are they there? What is the outcome? 

  11. Tell the story from the point of view of a fly that just wants to escape the house before the humans kill him. Include the fly’s backstory. Does he have family? What are his hobbies and dreams? What is his fate? 

  12. Make a short film describing a few hours in a young wife’s life who has little or no money left in her account, her husband has very little left and she must find a way to pay bills and pay for food. What does she do? What does her day look like? 

  13. An artist is so concerned with being original they can’t create anything at all. Then someone much more passionate then them comes onto the scene and starts to take all the limelight. How does the first artist respond? 

  14. Turn an ordinary every day event into a frightening 90 second film. Putting marmalade on toast for example…

  15. Somebody your hero has been bullied by for years suddenly does something truly heroic and gets lots of attention for it. How does this affect your hero? Do they set out to prove the bully shouldn’t get credit? Or do they have a change of heart. 

  16. Make a short film around the theme of storm in a tea cup. Is it literal? Are there tiny people in a teacup in a storm? Or a storm and tiny people in a tea cup? Or is it all much ado about nothing? An argument that seems huge to the people involved but stupid to everyone else watching. 

  17. Take your favourite scene from a film. Pick a character in that scene who isn’t a lead or is just a background extra and make a 2-3 minute film from their perspective either before or just after your scene takes place. 

  18. 15 years ago a little girl accidentally killed someone. How would you visually show the effect this has had on her life without using too much dialogue to explain the past. 

  19. Make a short film about someone experiencing a panic attack at a family gathering in a restaurant. How do they handle it? Do they try to hide it? If so, do they do a good job? How do other people react and how does that make them feel. 

  20. A bottle of perfume holds magical powers with each spray. Who owns it and what do they do with it? 

  21. Tell a story using just still photographs. These can be animated digitally, polaroids, printed photographs…

  22. Mix live footage with something hand drawn. It doesn’t have to be complex or animated, just find a way to bring those two mediums together in a short film. 

  23. Make a 2-3 minute film about the end of a relationship that mattered (romantic, family, sibling, friendship, teacher, mentor…) 

  24. A valuable item is stolen from your hero. Make a film of their adventure to retrieve the item and reveal over time why the item matters so much to them. 

  25. Make a sumptuous, gooey chocolate commercial. 

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