Singer-Songwriters On YouTube (2019)


On YouTube | 2019

I’ve been putting my music on YouTube since 2008 but recently I opened a new channel for my English songs (I write in Turkish too)

I wanted to connect with other musician channels around my new channel’s subscriber size but it proved difficult and time-consuming to find them. Looking for them made me realise how many great singer-songwriters there are on YouTube with only a handful of subscribers.

I decided to put together a playlist where you can quickly find singer-songwriters with smaller YT channels.

Abby Lyons

Abby is a pop/folk singer-songwriter who plays piano, ukulele, and sings. According to her profile, she is inspired by songwriters like dodie, Sara Bareilles, old school Taylor Swift, and musicals! (All inspirations I love!)

I found her channel when I stumbled upon her Dancing Queen - ABBA cover, which is just gorgeous. It’s all sparkly and magical and she puts her own twist on the classic.


cardboard girl

Alex is 14 and writes lovely, delicate songs. Her channel is beautiful to look at, all calm and pastel and the first song of hers I listened to was “Wildflowers.” It’s got a lovely wistfulness to it and when she touches on her high notes it’s meltingly beautiful.


Dave Wood

The second I heard Dave’s song “All In For You” on a reddit group he posted on, I loved it. It’s just a great song and he has a lovely voice. More please Dave!


Jas Ratchford

I absolutely adore Jas’ song “Roadworks.” She plays and sings it with such quiet ease, her lyrical voice surprises you with every line, a song brimming with nostalgia.



Celeste’s voice is truly heavenly but her song “The Artist” gives me goosebumps when I listen to it, and I adore the little backing vocal chorus she’s added in. As an artist myself, this song in particular resonates with me and I think with anyone who creates art. Perhaps you will recognise yourself in the line - “The artist sits at the window waiting for a sign. Opportunity comes knocking but she never toes the line.”


Lauren Grace

Lauren is a 15 year old singer-songwriter who releases new videos on Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually covers, except for when she has some fresh songs. Here is one of her fresh original songs, “Songwriter” which I think is just lovely.


Please do go and subscribe to these guys and support their channel and their music. I will be adding to the playlist on YouTube as I discover more songwriters and channels over the year.

You can find me and my music on my channel Jay Moussa-Mann Music - feel free to drop me a comment somewhere on there!